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Rıza Alp Güler, PhD

I hold a PhD degree in applied mathematics and informatics from INRIA and École Centrale Paris. Previously, I have been a post-doctoral researcher at Imperial Collage London. I co-founded Ariel AI to bring my research ideas to products that will reach outside academia. We continue our journey in Snap, where I currently work as a computer vision resarch engineer and manager. We enable the next generation of augmented reality experiences with 3D human bodies.

An up-to-date list of my publications can be found in Google Scholar.

E-mail: rguler|at|
  • 2.6.2020:
    Our paper on bone-level parametric human body modellingn accepted at ECCV 2020 as a spotlight. Congrats Haoyang !
  • 10.4.2020:
    Our paper on in-the-wild hand reconstruction accepted at CVPR 2020 as an oral presentation. Congrats Dominik !
  • 8.3.2019:
    Two papers accepted at CVPR 2019 as oral presentations.
  • 27.11.2018:
    I receive STIC Doctoral School Best Sceintific Contribution Award 2018.
    “DensePose” has received the second place (ex aequo) in the annual award for PhD student research projects. ( link ) The doctoral school includes many renowned French universities and “grandes écoles”, including CentraleSupélec, Ecole Polytechnique, ENS Cachan, Télécom ParisTech, Université Paris-Sud, etc.
  • 25.7.2018:
    Two papers accepted at ECCV 2018.
    We co-organize COCO and PoseTrack challange workshops, introducing the new "DensePose" task.